What is Stateofchange? Who we are, what we do.

My name is Davide and at a young age I started to train, doing all forms of exercises like swimming & gymnastics, which helped me in developing good skills straight away.  I start body build and also did fight and wrestling, but at about 20 years old I experienced a few problems between a full dislocation of the left shoulder and stupid car accident, where my spleen was removed, and my whole body was really damaged. I spent five days in a coma, and then the recovery was long so I had to stop all forms of fitness to recover.... This was the moment in my life where I  felt the most uncomfortable, I couldn’t move properly, and after a few surgeries the doctor said I had at least six months  recovery before I could restart any physical exercising…as I could barely walk. But being determined it only took 3 months and I was back inside the gym. From there my love and interest for fitness just exploded until I seriously started to study and work in the industry, trying a bit of everything.

Teaching movement and nutrition – my greatest passion – which is now my career. I’ve had to learn not only the theory but apply it extensively myself and after fifteen years my passion for this still grows on a daily basis, It happened to me, we are going to make it happen to you, we are going to make you a better version of yourself.

I specialise in body transformation, sport nutrition, functional training and bodybuilding / competition preparation.

As your personal trainer I will help you achieve your goals. As a team we will tailor the best system  joined to your lifestyle with the benefit of reaching your goals in the easiest and quickest way possible. 

With these three basic roles........


Remember that old saying:

The most important thing we do to preserve the function of the body, the only thing we cant stop to do, we need fuel.

One of the most unfortunate consequences of today chaotic lifestyle and the  limitations of time are between the reasons way more often we forget the importance of our daily diet..

 What we eat, what we drink, the balance between macros and the timing between meals

Moderation and balance are what you are looking for in your ordinary diet.

Lets work together then we can find out your balance. Diet doesn't mean to eat less, it means to eat better. 


We can talk about the human beings need for movement forever, it is so fascinating. Lets just say that the slower we move the faster we die

From the moment we are born for a limited period of time (roughly a third of the average life time) we grow until the body starts to shut down in a slow process of our functions degrading.....well, we know we can't live forever but we do know how we can live a better, longer and healthier life until the end.


It is statistically proven one hour movement per day it is just enough to cover the bodies needs.

The beneficial return from exercising will be not only impact on your functional improvement but it will have enormous reflexion on your routine  life stability and  mental health.

You will be a better person, worker and friend.


The 3rd but not less important part of the health puzzle.

Some say we need sleep 8 hours per day, others say 6 is enough.

The reality is, the time we need to sleep is relative to many variable in every individual, fast or slow metabolism, independently from this we all need to rest.

Never underestimated the time we sleep as time wasted.

To be really simple...

When we are resting unconsciously our main systems slow down, it is this the moment your body will eventually have time to react, restore, recover and adapt to  training and nutrition, to process the changes that will make you fitter!