Welcome to Davide’s website and our new blog. I thought what a better way to start then to tell you a little bit about us…..My name is Bec and I am part of Team State Of Change London, and Davide the fonder, is my couch, business partner and life partner. We moved to London from Australia at the start of 2016 due to a few issues with Davide’s visa…..he is my reason for the changes in my life and my new found life path within the fitness world. It has been a hard journey so far and I’m learning things everyday about myself, my new life chooses and really growing as a person with each new step we take. We have so many plans a head of us and are working hard together to build our company and make a name here in this body building federation.

Davide has been involved in the fitness industry most of his life and been a PT for over 15 years, I have only just found my passion for fitness since moving here. My previous lifestyle I was involved in nightclubs and events, so I was definitely not the most healthiest person, yes I was slim and went to the gym here and there and looked ok, but being out 5-7 nights a week, drinking, smoking and not really sleeping I was burning myself out and didn’t realise how good it actually feels to be healthy and really fit! I have added years onto my life :) I’ve replaced getting home at 6-8am to getting up to go the gym, and dancing on club podiums and dance floors to posing on a stage. I won’t lie it hasn’t been easy and I still have my days where I miss my old lifestyle and want to binge eat and go out drinking and partying. But I know it’s just not worth it all the time and I have a new focus and goal to stick too. But life is worth living and you should have the best of both worlds (which I do out of season now) as you only get one life so you need to enjoy it and I think if you cant relax and enjoy then you will start hating training and hating what should be enjoyed.

The competing/stage side of this world isn’t for everyone, as it is hard and involves massive lifestyle changes and chooses. But for someone who has a very strong positive mindset, is willing to make sacrifices and train hard it is so rewarding. Weather your doing it to win or just better your self as long as it makes you happy then why not. It can only make you a better, stronger and more focused person, but you have to do it for you and want to beat yourself and better yourself. As it is quite strange that we get on stage to be judged by people while wearing next to nothing haha so you need to strong to handle other people judgement. But it is so worth the rush of being o stager and actually seeing where you can take your body.

With this blog I will be posting about my comp prep, fitness lifestyle, recipes, clothing, techniques etc. pretty much anything and everything fitness and health related that I find interesting and things that are worth knowing or understanding.  SO keep posted and I hope you enjoy some of the stuff I share with you.